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Blueprints are collectible items that allow for the crafting of high-end or powerful gear and weapons.


Icon Name Type
Electronic knee pads blueprint.png Electronic Knee Pads Blueprint 83
Firearms Mask blueprint.png Firearms Mask Blueprint 97
Muzzle Brake blueprint.png Muzzle Break Blueprint 98
Police Mk17 blueprint.png Police Mk17 Blueprint 168
Electronics Backpack blueprint.png Electronics Backpack Blueprint 111
Officer’s M9 A1 blueprint.png Officer’s M9 A1 Blueprint 126
Stamina Backpack blueprint.png Stamina Backpack Blueprint 111
Firearms Backpack blueprint.png Firearms Backpack Blueprint 110
Handstop - OD Green blueprint.png Handstop - OD Green Blueprint 98
Stamina Gear Mod blueprint.png Stamina Gear Mod Blueprint 140
Liberator blueprint.png Liberator Blueprint 181
Stamina Mask blueprint.png Stamina Mask Blueprint 97
Black Market AK-74 blueprint.png Black Market AK-74 Blueprint 182
Electronics Gear Mod blueprint.png Electronics Gear Mod Blueprint 140
Tactical M249 Para blueprint.png Tactical M249 Para Blueprint 154
Firearms Gear Mod blueprint.png Firearms Gear Mod Blueprint 139
Stamina Knee Pads blueprint.png Stamina Knee Pads Blueprint 84
Firearms Knee Pads blueprint.png Firearms Knee Pads Blueprint 83
Electronics Mask blueprint.png Electronics Mask Blueprint 98
CQBSS Scope - FDE blueprint.png CQBSS Scope - FDE Blueprint 96
Extended Mag blueprint.png Extended Mag Blueprint 84
Marine Super 90 blueprint.png Marine Super 90 Blueprint 166
[[File:|32px]] Vector 45 ACP Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Vertical Grip - Wolf Grey Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Vertical Grip - Wolf Grey Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Vertical Grip Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Vest Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Weapon Parts (Division Tech) Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Vector 45 ACP Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Knee Pads Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Improved Iron Sights Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Improved Iron Sights 3 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Hunting M44 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Holster Reward Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Holster Of The Nomad Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Holster Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] High Velocity Magazine Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Heavy Magazine Spring Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Heavy Firing Spring Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Handstop Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Handstop - Wolf Grey Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Handstop - OD Green Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Gloves Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Valkyria Exotic Firearm Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tools (Division Tech) Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Ti-RANT Suppressor Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tenebrae Exotic Firearm Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactician's Authority Mask Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactician's Authority Mask Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactician's Authority Knee Pads Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactician's Authority Knee Pads Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical Vector 45 ACP Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical SASG-12 K Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical SA-58 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] SR-7 Suppressor Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] SRS A1 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Backpack Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Gear Mod Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Gloves Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Gloves Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Holster Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Holster Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Kneepads Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Kneepads Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Mask Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Vest Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Stamina Vest Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Striker's Knee Pads Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Striker's Knee Pads Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Striker's Mask Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Striker's Mask Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Super 90 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] T2 Micro Red Dot Sight Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical Mk 16 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical M249 Para Endgame Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical M1911 Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical AUG A3P Blueprint
[[File:|32px]] Tactical ACR Blueprint