Division Agents

Division Agents
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Directive 51 Agents

The Division Agents is one of the many factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.


After conducting experiments to see how the public would respond to an epidemic outbreak, the government officially created Directive 51 under the Strategic Homeland Division (called The Division for short), which would activate sleeper agents throughout the United States upon invocation. After the Black Friday outbreak, agents were activated in New York City.


The Agents are known for their specialized equipment. Prime to The Division is the Go-Bag, a supply of medical supplies, gadgets, and equipment. The Smart Watch is a piece of equipment that, along with a specially-designed pair of contact lenses, creates a HUD the agent can use to conduct their business.

Rogue Agents

The reality of the Black Friday Outbreak is that order has functionally broken down. Because of this, it's an unfortunate fact that some agents within The Division have gone rogue. These rogue agents often go into the Dark Zone and fire upon standard agents during evacuation, seeking to claim supplies and materials for themselves.

See: Rogue Agents.

Official Summary

The Division, an anonymous unit of tactical agents, is activated as the last line of defense in the case of a catastrophic emergency. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, The Division Agents are trained to operate independent of command, when all else fails. Fighting to prevent he fall of society, the agents will find themselves at the epicenter of a global conspiracy; forced to combat not only the effects of a devastating manmade virus, but also the rising threat of those behind it.

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