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To survive in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division, Agents must be properly outfitted with a variety of equipment pieces. They are broadly sorted into several categories: Masks, Body Armor, Backpacks, Knee Pads, Holsters, and Gloves.


Icon Name Type
Guard-Mask.jpg Guard Mask Masks
Civilian Gas Mask Small.jpg Civilian Mask Masks
Protective Mask Small.jpg Protective Mask Masks
Recruit Mask Small.jpg Recruit Mask Masks
Patrol mask.jpg Patrol Mask Masks
Heavy duty mask.jpg Heavy Duty Mask Masks
Prepardness mask.jpg Preparedness Mask Masks
Adjustable mask.jpg Adjustable Mask Masks
Lab mask.jpg Lab Mask Masks
Construction mask.jpg Construction Mask Masks
Hybird mask.png Hybrid Mask Masks
Rapid assault mask.png Rapid Assault Mask Masks
Venture mask.png Venture Mask Masks
Shooter mask.png Shooter Mask Masks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Electronics Mask Masks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Firearms Mask Masks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Stamina Mask Masks
Field mask image.PNG Field Mask Masks

Body Armor

Icon Name Type
Adjustable vest.jpg Adjustable Vest Body Armor
Coated plate armor.jpg Coated Plate Armor Body Armor
Corrections-armor.jpg Corrections Armor Body Armor
Graphene plate vest.png Graphene Plate Vest Body Armor
Heavy duty vest.jpg Heavy Duty Vest Body Armor
High end armor.png High End Armor Body Armor
Hunting vest.jpg Hunting Vest Body Armor
Laminate vest.jpg Laminate Vest Body Armor
Light vest.jpg Light Vest Body Armor
Mil-spec vest.jpg Mil-Spec Vest Body Armor
Prepardness vest.jpg Preparedness Vest Body Armor
Protective Armor Small.jpg Protective Armor Body Armor
Shooter vest.png Shooter Vest Body Armor
Vest Small.jpg Vest Body Armor


Icon Name Type
Go-bag Small.jpg Safety Bag Backpacks
Rucksack Small.jpg Rucksack Backpacks
Utility Pack Small.jpg Utility Pack Backpacks
Police bag.jpg Police Bag Backpacks
Mil spec backpack.jpg Mil-Spec Backpack Backpacks
Laminate bag.jpg Laminate Bag Backpacks
Heavy duty bag.jpg Heavy Duty Bag Backpacks
Adjustable Backpack.jpg Adjustable Backpack Backpacks
Hunting pack.jpg Hunting Pack Backpacks
Cut-resistant pack.jpg Cut-Resistant Pack Backpacks
Light pack.jpg Light Pack Backpacks
Contractor Pack.png Contractor Pack Backpacks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Electronics Backpack Backpacks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Firearms Backpack Backpacks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Rapid Assault Pack Backpacks
Infobox placeholder.JPG Stamina Backpack Backpacks
Backpack small.JPG Backpack(item) Backpacks
Expedition Pack.PNG Expedition Pack Backpacks
Ballistic Pack.PNG Ballistic Pack Backpacks
Field Pack.PNG Field Pack Backpacks
Firefighter Pack.PNG Firefighter Pack Backpacks
Hard Shell Pack.PNG Hard Shell Pack Backpacks
Hunter Pack.PNG Hunter Pack Backpacks
Paramedic Pack.PNG Paramedic Pack Backpacks
Police Pack.PNG Police Pack Backpacks
Venture Pack.PNG Venture Pack Backpacks

Knee Pads

Icon Name Type
Guard-Knee-Pads.jpg Guard Knee Pads Knee Pads
Utility-Pads.jpg Utility Pads Knee Pads
Coated Pads Small.jpg Coated Pads Knee Pads
Police pads equipment.jpg Police Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG High End Pads Knee Pads
Construction pads equipment.jpg Construction Pads Knee Pads
Outdoor pads equipment.jpg Outdoor Pads Knee Pads
Light pads equipment.jpg Light Pads Knee Pads
Adjustable knee pads equipment.jpg Adjustable Knee Pads Knee Pads
Coated plate pads equipment.jpg Coated Plate Pads Knee Pads
Laminate pads equipment.jpg Laminate Pads Knee Pads
Heavy duty pads equipment.jpg Heavy Duty Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG Electronic Knee Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG Firearms Knee Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG Stamina Knee Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG Rapid Assault Pads Knee Pads
Infobox placeholder.JPG Spec-Ops Pads Knee Pads
Knee pads small.JPG Knee pads(item) Knee Pads


Icon Name Type
Adjustable holster.jpg Adjustable Holster Holsters
Corrections Holster Small.jpg Corrections Holster Holsters
Adjustable holster.jpg CQC Holster Holsters
Police holster.jpg Cut-Resistant Holster Holsters
Guard-Holster.jpg Guard Holster Holsters
Police holster.jpg Heavy Duty Holster Holsters
Holster small.jpg Holster(item) Holsters
Police holster.jpg Laminate Holster Holsters
Adjustable holster.jpg Leather Holster Holsters
Adjustable holster.jpg Light Holster Holsters
Police holster.jpg Mil-Spec Holster Holsters
Police holster.jpg Police Holster Holsters
Recruit-Holster.jpg Recruit Holster Holsters
Infobox placeholder.JPG Shooter Holster Holsters


Icon Name Type
Ballistic Gloves.PNG Ballistic Gloves Gloves
Cut resistant gloves.jpg Cut-Resistant Gloves Gloves
Gloves small.JPG Gloves(item) Gloves
Heavy duty gloves.jpg Heavy Duty Gloves Gloves
Hunting gloves.jpg Hunting Gloves Gloves
Outdoor gloves.jpg Outdoor Gloves Gloves
Police gloves weapons.jpg Police Gloves Gloves
Infobox placeholder.JPG Rapid Assault Gloves Gloves
Safety-Gloves.jpg Safety Gloves Gloves
Infobox placeholder.JPG Shooter Gloves Gloves
Soft Trauma Gloves.PNG Soft Trauma Gloves Gloves
Infobox placeholder.JPG Spec-Ops Gloves Gloves
Steel Plate Gloves.PNG Steel Plate Gloves Gloves
Venture Gloves.PNG Venture Gloves Gloves
Work Gloves Small.jpg Work Gloves Gloves


Icon Name Type
Ceramic Plate Armor.PNG Ceramic Plate Armor Vests
Combat Vest.PNG Combat Vest Vests
Concealable Vest.PNG Concealable Vest Vests
Duty Vest.PNG Duty Vest Vests
Expedition Vest.PNG Expedition Vest Vests
Padded Vest.PNG Padded Vest Vests
Performance Vest.PNG Performance Vest Vests
Performance Vest.PNG Soft Body Armor Vests
Venture Vest.PNG Venture Vest Vests

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