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Last Man Battalion
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Distorted US Flag, stylized fascist symbols
Abandoned Private Military Corporation

The Last Man Battalion is one of the many factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.


A PMC (private military corporation) hired by elite Wall Street companies, the Last Man Battalion had a singular mission - to protect assets threatened by the outbreak. When they were abandoned by the Wall Street executives, they shifted their focus under the leadership of Charles Bliss - domination of New York through force, and the installation of a new world order under their banner.

Intel Brief

A worn and battle-weary unit recalled from overseas and diverted to Manhattan. They were none too pleased with the decision. With their requests for transfer gone unheeded and extraction not an option, this unit has become trapped far from home in the worse area of the pandemic. Tired of indecisive local authorities, their commander, Charles Bliss, took matters into his own hands, disobeying direct orders and executing a Joint Task Force (JTF) official—effectively turning his entire company and himself into mutineers.

Convinced not just the city, but the nation, will collapse under the hopeless burden of this virus, this unit has no allegiance to anyone but themselves. The LMB will use any and all means necessary to make sure they make it through the storm.