Phone Recording - Renee

Phone Recording - Renee
Intel Brief
(899, 1622)

Renee is a piece of phone recording intel in The Division.


Renee: Mom, it's Renee, and I hope you get this message...ah...I'm okay, but I can't get out of Manhattan and everyone's getting sick. I had to have a...couple of drinks to get up the nerve to call you...umm...there's something I wanted to tell you, in person, but now I don't know if, err... I'm gay, mom. I, erm - I've always been gay, it's why I came to New York and... Julie, er - Julie isn't my roommate mom...well she is but...uhh...I hope you're ok mom and...I hope you're ok about this and that you don't hate me and that you're ok...I love you, mom. I love you.

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