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The Rogue Agents is one of the many factions in Tom Clancy's The Division.


The reality of the Black Friday Outbreak is that order has functionally broken down. Because of this, it's an unfortunate fact that some agents within The Division have gone rogue. These rogue agents often go into the Dark Zone and fire upon standard agents during evacuation, seeking to claim supplies and materials for themselves.

Surviving as a Rogue Agent

When an agent has gone rogue, they will trigger an immediate and immense manhunt on them. Agents will pour into the Dark Zone looking for these rogue agents, with the sole purpose of killing them and getting revenge. Accordingly, surviving this manhunt is one of the biggest challenges a rogue agent may face (and with this risk comes great rewards in the form of Dark Zone currency, allowing agents to purchase and equip high-end Dark Zone weaponry).

Here are a few tips to survive the initial manhunt - and ensure your going rogue isn't for naught.

Use the Terrain

The Dark Zone is replete with terrain features that can make a man hunt incredibly difficult. Utilizing choke points, or areas where terrain and obstacles force enemies through a narrow corridor, alleyway, or causeway, can reduce the pure numbers benefit of many manhunts, forcing 10 or more agents into a situation where their actual projected power is at best 2 or 3 strong.

Similarly, utilizing height and other features such as ladders can help you in these engagements. Attacking from above can confuse and disorient players, as they will seek enemies on the ground level more often than looking up. Ladders can help you quickly escape bad numbers, and can also form a chokepoint, as you can pick off agents as they climb up.

Utilize Skills

Skills like the Sticky Bomb and Turret can be deployed in extraction areas to overwhelm a group of agents that aren't paying attention. These skills, amongst others, allow you to set up "remote ambushes", points that can cause massive initial damage without being in the immediate proximity. By initially lowering the health of your enemies, you're setting yourself up for easier and more efficient combat, saving up your ammunition. Speaking of which...

Shoot Thriftily

The Dark Zone is a cruel mistress. Ammunition is rare at best, and many rogue agents in a man hunt will find themselves out of ammunition before they're out of enemies. Accordingly, use your ammo sparingly. Use skills like the Turret to deal high initial damage, and then pick off the low health enemies with your ammo-driven weapons. Use physical attacks rather than guns to kill enemies on the ground or mobile enemies with low remaining health.

Be Patient

You are going to be at a disadvantage - the numbers game of the Dark Zone means that you're going to be outnumbered and alone most of the time. Accordingly, don't go rushing into confrontation, as you will die. Utilize underground access tunnels to go past groups of enemies. Set up ambushes, and wait for enemies to walk in rather than trying to lure them with gunfire. Don't shoot enemies at the extraction zone when they are on guard - wait until they are lulled into a false sense of security and aren't facing your direction.

Being impatient WILL get you killed.

Consider if It's Worth It

Unfortunately, the best tip to surviving as a rogue agent is to NOT be a rogue agent in the first place. As of right now, the reward for going rogue dwarfs in comparison to the penalty for being killed. This will likely change during actual release, but it is a serious consideration. If you have the Dark Zone cash to spare and levels you don't mind losing, going rogue can be extremely satisfying, but on the other hand, if you're just starting out, going rogue in the early stages is a poor choice. Decide if it's worth it for you - and then act upon that. Don't act upon emotion, as that (even more than impatience) will get you killed.