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The following is a piece of lore notated by DenTay.


Started to just make a series of these videos since there seems to be some interest in the community. This time we took a look at Dr. Kandel and her role in The Division.

  1. Her mother died when she was nine causing her to be raised by her father on the Upper West Side. Due to losing her mother, she helped care for her younger twin brothers which often proved a struggle due to her balancing family and her studies.
  2. Attended Massachusetts Institute of technology for her Bachelor of Science degree, followed by John Hopkins University to receive her PH.D. She graduated at the top of her class at both universities as a biomedical engineer.
  3. Married for a while to Alexis Kwan, a musician, but divorced a few months prior to the outbreak due to her devotion to her studies. By the time the division takes place, she finally began to come to terms with her divorce.
  4. Personality wise, she enjoys solving puzzles, classical music, art, and basketball.
  5. As the virus begins to spread throughout Manhattan and the quarantine was put into effect. Dr. Kandel set up an emergency clinic to help treat the sick. At some point she was then captured by rioters and forced to treat their wounded in Madison square garden which had been converted into a field hospital.
  6. The division agent then rescues her and puts her in charge of the medical wing. She is also in charge of researching a vaccine for the virus and believes that creating a vaccine is the most important objective even if sacrifices need to be made.
  7. Dr. Kandel then sends the agent on a variety of missions to research where the virus originated from and what changes were made to it. Eventually, she tracks down Dr. Tchernenko who is still holed up in the Russian Consulate. Even though the doctor was kidnapped, Tchernenko had been using the Russian computer servers to research the virus which proves to be extremely helpful for Dr. Kendal.
  8. The biggest break though for Doctor Kendal in creating a cure for the virus is when Dr. Amherst’s lab is found when the LMB is defeated. In this lab are his notes and materials he used to create the virus. Using this information, Dr. Kandel is able to create a cure to finally help New York recover.

Next up we plan on going over the factions and their origins by piecing together the incident reports, ECHO’s, and other information in the game. If you have any questions or suggestions for future content let us know.